Christ's Descent into Hell Lyrics

(Lucifir speaks:)
"I have tempted him, fed doubt to his heart
stirred up the old people with anger and zeal
sharpened the spear for his suffering
mixed gall and vinegar for him to drink
prepared the cross to crucify him
and the nails to pierce hands and feet
open the brass gates of cruelty
prepare his descent into hell"

thousand breathing crosses
consumed is JeruSalem
open graves, empty tombs
sore scars become incurable wounds

mysteries of sin
weave the burial shroud of Golgotha
sacred flesh, bones and skin
rotten reeks Utopia

sinking into unholy ground, below
in tears and blood they're drowned
prophet's horns of doom resound
born is the antichrist
the earth-corpse will be sacrificed
now let the dreadful drama of the apokalypse
the dead arise, the underworld echoes with thunder
d***ed souls, demonic army, rise, sons of darkness
behold the signs of un-salvation
monuments of the saviour's absence

dedicated to MonumentuM and their masterpiece
"In Absentia Christi"