None Before Him Lyrics

not from the heavens high he fell
but from the deepest abyss he rose
within us and without us
he, older than all other gods
whose names no stone ever mentions
who left the faintest trace in the memory of man

so is he, the lord of evil, mighty and ever here

what you call hidden is only hidden to you
I know hence I am, a secret unlocked, holy his law
iron will, firm belief, all is spread out before me
none before him
the truth like a savage beast set free

Denn er ist das Gift,
das die Schöpfung verderbt,
eure Gnosis mit Schrecken und Blut erstickt.
Er ist die alte Schlange,
die ihre Windungen mehrt
und die Welt umschlingt.
In apokatyptischen Träumen sehen wir
seine Morgenröte dämmern.
Unter dem schweigenden Sternenhimmel,
in der kältesten aller Lüfte,
führt er seine Heerschar an.

victorious is his army, burnt earth we walk upon
vicious is his iron arm
underneath he crushes the unbeliever
wytches and daemons obey him
all dance under his command
none before him - t**ans, temples and time
all left for the sand

the grim and stygian shape of the opposer