Sword of Silence Lyrics

and the harlot has taken up the sword of silence
to spill the blood of the saints
their s**** mingled in her sinful cup of worms
the seed unholy and unclean

and Salome points the sword of silence
to dance the seven muting veils towards John
sacred betrayal, spell doom to all men
and the seed spread forth unholy and unclean

knowledge is not wisdom - be silent!
darkness reigns and murders all light - be still!
choked and strangled by the serpent you seek
I laugh as you bleed
knowledge is not wisdom - be still!
smash and wreck your sanctuary
p****** on your holiest mystery
I cut the knot of Gordia
and lead the sword of queen Discordia
bending Kether to Matkuth
while separating all and not
letting you survive under the ruins of your temple

contemplation and retreat is regress
once the abyss is crossed
the severity of the devil's verities
ends all eternally
where Samael lurks in rebellious defiance
to cut the branches off with the sword of silence