The Cold Breath of Satan Lyrics

"by the moon's haze and autumnal light"
yet seasons freeze and crack under the burden of time
"upon the earth to roam
to unveil that which never was and never
to become"

eerie and cold
winds that blow foul and old
fights unknown to a sun
morbid, spectral, unreal

from the deep maw of infinity
his breath spawns terror for all eternity
for every new aeon arising he exhales
the poisonous pant of d***ation

the cold breath of Satan

all graves are flung wide open
legions follow the bleak tyrant
he calls his army with merciless shrieks
oaths once sworn, now to be renewed
unforgiving is the vortex of hell
faustian pacts turn to fatal spells

he breathes out the
eternal winter of blood, tears and pain
repeating shapes, sigils morph into biting blades
formless icons each contains
nucleus of Satan's ghastly breath

intro lines and riff inspired by Thorns' eternal hymn
"Ærie Descent" (Trondertun)