Interstellar Boredom Lyrics

Stare at the stars
And the fire that scars

Stare at the past
Wait for the blast
While biology perpetuates itself

Cling to the thing
A hole on a string
While I endlessly regurgitate myself

Evolve myself, dissolve myself
With alarmingly increasing frequence
Annoy myself, destroy myself
All the way through the main sequence

One of a kind
One of a species
An interstellar amoeba in full swing

One of a kind
One of a species
But what good is one of anything

This is taking too long

Like a scarab I drag a sun
In horror of hydrogen starvation
Aeons frozen in nightmares that flare

A million years of lifting
And barely 2g acceleration
The void look the same
No closer to anywhere

Where then
The dog star
Another hundred millions years of this
Won't keep my heart inside me

Change course
Speed up matters
With a hundred million dehisce
Set out to conquer
Divide me

More of a kind
More of a species
A blast that sends us everywhere

And as we draw near
We break up the sphere
To rekindle degenerate electrons

Carbon fusion
Light a standard candle type 1a
All over the pangalactic spectrum

Feed the sun to the scorcher
Push the dog star over
Chandrasekhar's cliff
This is too tedious
Too pedestrian
Too f****** slow

And then
Just when
Sol hits the white dwarf
We chew his meal for him
A last well-timed missile
Our weary skeleton

Gamma is fast
We ride the blast
Iron poison
To kill a star
We build a sorus
An eye in a torus
Iron poison
To kill a star

It is decided
A thermonuclear stellar death wedding
Shut down biology for now
We swarm again