Judy Blume Lyrics

Amanda Palmer
People keep asking me why I do things how I do
And all of this measuring influence I forgot you
You and me hiding behind the monhegan hotel
And you told me things that nobody around me would tell

That was the summer that everyone touched me at once
One day they ignored me the next they were all down my pants
You were in bed with me safe before anyone else
You opened beside me and held me when I needed help

You and me lying together at night in my room
You've been inside me forever, Judy Blume

I couldn't carry a tune but I thought I could sing
And no-one had told me that thoughts were a good or bad thing
But I started noticing grown-ups would smile and cringe
But you'd taught me that you could say anything you could think

I don't remember my friends from gymnastics class
But I remember when Deenie was at the school
Dance buddy feeling her up in the locker room
Margaret bored counting hats in the synagogue
Davey was stirring the tea that she wouldn't drink
Tony was watching his so-called friend shoplifting
All them lived in my head quietly whispering
You are not so strange

I don't remember the details of 7th grade
All I remember is lying and being afraid
But I won't forget Katherine and Michael going all the way
Steph on the scale in the bathroom alone that day
Karen pretending to puke so her dad would stay
Margaret arguing with god while she m*********d
All of them next stop in my head like a love letter
All of them saying Amanda you know better
You are not to blame
The world's a frightening place
So go on and think how you want
You will not be alone in your thoughts
Well you will but you won't in a way
Cause a girl thought it too in a book that the library bought

People'll keep asking me why I do things like I do
And from now on I'll tell them Nick Cave and I'll talk about you
Judy, I can't believe sometimes that I'm an adult
And that girls like I was think that I have this s*** figured out

You and me lying together at night in my room
You'll be inside us forever, Judy Blume