Revelation of Deformity Lyrics

I try to stay alive in my concrete cell. no matter where I go, I feel hollow and alienated. cant castoff the shackles that bind me to this hell. there is no escape from your holding clutch. I once was bound to the promise of self-fulfillment, now I am lost in the maze of shattered dreams. I have become an outcast, isolated in my realm. I dwell in disbelief, all alone and overwhelmed. a cell block that stretches for miles filled with empty eyes. jammed together, human futility. deformed and bloated we pace the streets. mangled and distorted, consumed by our needs. forced to live in darkness, to devour their filth. reigned by fear, we are dispensable, disposable and irrelevant. human vermin. in search of life we stumbled over existence. bound to the gray, burst and drained. self-regulated, fleshly machines, cursed to exist in their vacuum. I'm here to bury the splinters of myself. the abyss calls to me, I will descend. I walk these streets at night, endlessly. released from all oaths, crippled by frailty. cant make sense of me, cant make sense of this. I am a stranger to myself, drowned in misery.