A Matter Lost in Time Lyrics

In the devastation that time causes in us
We discern about our end in a negation of all beliefs

Nothing scares us more than a not-being feeling
And the recurrent thought about the fragility of life

Since we're born we're doomed to oblivion,
Where memories are lost

Life is so brief, and Death's so eternal...
Its dark thickness is the place where we belong

In life, the world is displayed in all it's void
Beings thrown to existence, to pain, to mourn

Time keeps going forward, our battle is lost
A brief existence, and there is no more

Along our journey of natures absorbed
We can see how everything succumbs to fate,
A dark and cold lesson of grief through existence

In despair, humankind escapes from itself,
An evasion to not be aware
While we walk to our own demise

We are nothing but matter lost in time
A futile being that's born to die

Although we try to escape the truth,
Our destiny is written
From the nowhere, road to the void