The Blackness of Eternal Night Lyrics

How fast and quietly time leaves us
As a distant wraith that gets lost in a foggy day

In its lonely progression towards nowhere, it fades
Through the ages that no one already reminds

And then, only a deep deference stays
While we gaze how we get closer to the black well
The one which will gulp our bones, our beings
To return them into the primeval dust

Don't waste a pray for your soul,
A release that never will come
All those yearnings and hopes
Will follow us toward loss

A deadly feel will invade every sense
As a profound sleep
Then life will be defeated by an endless void

In our last breathe we will see all so clear...
But will be so late we won't be able to regret
In a deep slumber we live,
But when we realize time has gone
In a swoon, in death,
There is no deliverance

Surrounded by the void, our end will come
That's the blackness of eternal night

Then we'll belong to a lightless world
That's the blackness of eternal night