The Mourning Path Lyrics

The cosmic tide that one day dragged us into life,
Today is throwing us
Against the stones of the solitary path,
Which we will go across towards our death,
A journey we will do in solitude and emptiness,
While we think of how brief our life was
And how trivial our acts were

The clouds that fed our dreams
Today are storms that feed nightmares
Turning into black everything we have around
Like a thick wall between us and the rest
In the shadows of the dusk where all hope will fade

And then, we will see with our own eyes
How the fatal moment approaches

We try to remember you,
But we can't hear your voices faded years ago

And about us, nothing will remain
But a bitter memory for the living,
And a release for ourselves.

Through a mourning path we will walk
Remembering them in another thought
But now they are forever lost
Until our death, when we all will belong to the void