Carrion Tide Lyrics

They Fly the swarming poison clouds swirling overhead
Aeons of worldly pestilence
Set to rain down on us all

a**aulted from a land
That we cannot walk on
A liquid desert left for us to behold
Longing for clear and quiet waters
Navigating with carrions in our wake
Fear settling in as the scene gets clearer
Conscience burdened us with all the weight of the world

They swarm the clouds
Seeded with the morgellon plague
Falling like manna
Tapeworms weave through your brains

Witness the parasite becoming a host
Witness the anthill getting boiled down

Setting to sail
The carrion tide

Oceans brimming with decay
As far as eyes can see
Waves of churned waste
Exude vapored slime
That long ago ceased to bring life