Chasing The Void Lyrics

Autumn Tears
They watch with closed eyes....
speaking through us, becoming us... yet still they stray
channeling their voices, singing in unison until the end of days
wailing... chasing the void

It's so quiet... like a birth in the aether
A nameless child claws free from the womb
a moment of clarity... compassion...
clinging on, now slipping into death's cradle

We watch with closed eyes....
breathing through us, welcoming us... yet still we stray
channeling their agony
grieving in unison until the end of days
wailing... embracing the void

Vengeful apparitions masquerade among us
Baring a guise of benevolence and mercy
A delusion which we choose to ignore
What fools...

We should be so grateful just to be awake,
and endlessly relive our darkest days

It is so close now. So very close...