The Ghost Beside Me Lyrics

Autumn Tears
I am always and never alone
Whispers in my ear when I close my eyes
And dream of running barefoot
through the poppy fields
and dancing in misty meadows

With each briny breath
I can almost remember
The blood in my veins

My reflection in the watery mirror
And a glowing sun beneath the waves
As voice is carried away by the wistful breeze
I slip away from you, and from me

I sleep soundlessly in my river bed
The wind and cold water
Shining wounds reflected within the red ripples
Like little smiling faces under glass
washing away the memories
The sun ever gleaming in my eyes

Eyes which I can no longer close
So very tired now and sleep will come quick
The last secret I will keep with me
Forgive me for leaving, but I am just so tired
Now I finally feel safe
The Ghost beside me... is me