Saved Lyrics

we saw girl scouts slinging sweets.
you took the market-frankford line back to 30th street to meet me there.
we rode our bikes through the city all night.
in the first days of january,
the air was cold in philly when you spilled your heart on me.
we drank until the weight shed from our skin,
then you left for the army and i never saw you again 'til i broke down at your funeral.
i was inconsolable.
there was nothing i could do but i still wish i could've saved you.

you were enough to bring us back,
we never can show you that.
there will always be s***e for you here,
we can never fill the place you left when you disappeared.
why can't we undo anything?
why can't we fix ourselves?
is there any way out?
why is there so much wrong with us?