Further Down Lyrics

Barren Earth
A slew of impossible outcomes in pale light
Flaunting their violence gleefully
Revolving this wistful room
Calling out a sickening effort from all sides
A swiftness at the end, a cut before the bend
A storm, a calm, a blend
That each spectator craves

I rip out their intestines of a dream

I found the way
Through this system
Through these arches of gold
Leading further down, down
I found a way
Of birthing existence
Into rivers of old
Leading further down

Sheer essence belied an appearance of frailty
But shine of the dawn
Reveals your ill-conceived absence
Stringed fleets of eyeless spies unveiled me
Now they are obliged to serve me
Begs the question:
Why abandon the enlightened
And follow the fool?

I dredge up the black anchors on my chains

Repairless, unending
The living slow decay
A silver of guidance
Erodes on boiling clay

You witnessed the ruin
Of all connection
Now retrace the threads so pale
You may find the way