UFO Lighter Lyrics

Camp Cope
[Verse 1]
It's a question that I never learned to ask
How far I'd follow you into the dark
Yeah it's still a question that I'm too afraid to ask
How far I'd follow you, how far I'd follow you

[Verse 2]
When she saw that I'd tattooed my hands
I said mum I don't think I was ever gonna work for the bank
And I said that I was sorry about that line
I only wrote it cause it rhymed

[Verse 3]
We're not those kids sitting on the swing set
And I will follow you across the planet
If we could take our time
We'd get it right, we'd get it right

[Verse 4]
He was so bitter when he said
They'll offer you the world but they'll leave you for dead
And nobody tried to understand or at least act surprised
When I said that I wasn't the one who was unfaithful
That I could see why people thought I was
Sometimes making love is the only time I ever feel loved
There was never any middle ground

[Verse 5]
Now he sits alone in his one bedroom apartment
Tells himself he's happy and he made the right decisions
And he expected that I was gonna fail and run back
Well f*** that

[Verse 6]
But I'll wait for you
At the end of the earth is where I'll wait for you
You can meet me there
See I never really strayed far from here

[Verse 7]
Cause my head just gets so loud
I can't hear the words coming out of your mouth
Sorry I don't react the way you want me to sometimes
I only wrote it cause it rhymed

[Verse 8]
Your silhouette against the fire
Well I thought I saw a UFO
But it was just a lighter
And we nearly died
s*** I'm still amazed how we survived
Probably shouldn't let me drive