Twin Fantasy (Those Boys) Lyrics

Car Seat Headrest
The show ain't over
They'll keep on going
They'll keep on laughing
And f****** around

Off into the distance
Those two brothers
Those two lovers
And their smooth c***ed adventures

They just want to be one
Walk off into the sun
They're not kissing
They're not f******
They're just having fun

They were connected
At the back of the head

they got a conduit
their minds are the same

This ain't the end
We'll see them again

[This is the part of the song where Will gives up. He dissociates himself from his own romance until it becomes just a fantasy. This is not something that could happen to him; this is something that takes place only in his mind. But he blinks now, and shakes himself awake. He has rejoined society. Come, dear children, call no more. He has only lyrics now.]

When I come back you'll still be here
When you come back I'll still be here