Fire Worship Lyrics

Chapter I - End of Ancestral Darkness

1.1 Fire

Divine combustion to purify all at sight
Beyond life and death
Eternal return
Devourer of man's days of darkness
Turns everything dark and black
Process left behind
Its flames can mean eternal torment
Its danger freezes all those in command

1.2 The Enlightenment

There were Promethean angels, fallen jaguars and serpents
And there were the free-men and the man's enslavers
Man blinds himself but fire can light wisdom; devour light
Thinking belongs to the soul...senses can drive you to error!

Chapter II - Beginning of New Era

2.1 Manipulation

Some souls are meant to be vanished sooner
Some others last longer
But there are only few to burn bright
And reflect the meaning of evil
The manipulation belongs to the ones who will make obey laws
The ancestral choice to defy and attack the establishment

2.2 New Dawn

The soul represents a portion of the cosmic fire
Your stand, dreams , your mind
Are due to the ignition of your soul
So take into account to preserve this fire
Be warned of the return
Avoid becoming ignorant; it can turn you into a coward
If so: burn!

Chapter III - Eternal Return

3.1 Perfection

Fire, can be turned into light against blinding light
Fire, can be turned into darkness of blinding light
Fire, can be turned into hot flames of conviction
Fire, can be turned into freezing flames to melt reason

3.2 Destruction

The only way to become pure is to turn everything into ashes
By wisdom we can choose our own death
By fire everything can start again
There's a need of light for the eternal return of the dark

"Everything is clear, let's prepare the coldest funeral pyre to celebrate the death of mercy..."