Wolf Named Crow Lyrics

Corrosion of Conformity
Waiting for the sun to rise you lost another day
Son of man used to stealing, you'd better find another way
Still I rise, still I rise under the silver moon
Never searching for the answer, now the hunter is the fool
Such a fool

I survive tired lies
Behind your blinded eyes
Beware the wolf named Crow

Wishing for the winds to change, the path is still unknown
Truth was told but turned to fable but the tongue is all your own
Return to fight through pain and might before your soul is sold
Run like hell the only answer, your pray the trail's gone cold
So cold

Sin arrives one last night
The hunted still survives, the truth has shown
A man alone, beware the wolf named Crow

Try sit down in my fears
Dust to dust
Glassis breathing
Beware the wolf named Crow

Lost horizon...