Leave Your God Behind Lyrics

Your actions will be judged x2
Say your prayers!

There's time of confusion
Evil is everywhere
I see you strayed from the path
Good Lord is here to help

You're lost in a sea of sin
Diving in a faithless void
Come here, inside the house of God
You will find the light you need

Don't you see?
Come with me
Confess your mistakes
Your actions will be judged
Through prayers you reach the key
Real darkness rush over the earth
Even a blind can see

Why you leave your God behind?
Why you leave your faith aside?
Step outside the wrong side
Why you betrayed the light?
Step outside the wrong way
Why leave your God behind?

That's right!

Do you wanna listen why I left my God behind?
Surely is gonna be an unnecesary waste of time
Are you gonna listen to me preacher?
Of course not!

You're lost! Gimme an answer
You're wrong! Gimme an answer
Not too late to come back

I don't want... I don't wanna come back
There's no single reason to come back
No! That's my answer and it's clear
Anything else?


Say your prayers...

Say your prayers! x3
And keep them away from my head
Wake up... Leave your God behind!
The rules! The lies! Wake up!
Leave your God behind!
Your rules! Your lies!
That's why I left my God behind!
That's why I left you!