Leech Breeder Lyrics

Natural born parasites
They're thirsty for your blood
So strong, so unfair
Your veins feed the scum

Privilege of a few ones
Perdition for the rest
The leech drains it all
Drains it all!

They're pretending they're walking beside you
A hand in your sack, a knife in your back

Never enough
They f*** it all
Under their blade we pay the price

Leech! Leechbreeder!
Your seed is growing in their minds
You are a Leech! Leechbreeder!
Your offspring will learn how to survive
Trampling on all they can!


Doctrine from the cradle
Hungry to the grave
The pupil, the master
The victim, the prey

Epidemic virus leads a blackened fate
Those bugs raze it all
Raze it all!

They're pretending they have a friendly hand
The same that will go straight to your neck



I'm really sick of your existance
I am the insecticide
Forever sick of your existance
I am the insecticide

Stay away from me!

You think you're the f****** masters of the world
But the fact is you have a huge trace of misery on your back
Stepping on your prey, spit the blood you sucked
You know what? f*** you!