Technophiliac Lyrics

Unconscious tendencies drive us
Isolated by a legal drug

Our feelings make us believe
"Now we're living in the land of the free"
And we have all under control
It's hard to realize
We are the victims of an unlimited gossip
Sharing our lives with complete strangers

Share, share, share and like
Actions that consume our time!
Follow, follow, follow! Hype!
The only way to feel alive
Ignoring consequences

Check it... Check it out! x2
We're sharing the disease
Check it... Check it out! x2
Give it all to me

Technophiliac! Technophiliac!
Our eyes on the screen
We're begging it too feed us
Technophiliac! Technophiliac!
Real world is never enough
Always connected

Our vanity make it so real
Sweet sensation that we need to be here
Current meaning of our lives
Addiction and consume, a new religion
f****** our minds day after day
Maybe it's too late to find a way out



Log out!
Isolation and d***ation!
Trapped in the network

Technophiliac! Technophiliac!
Always connected