The North Remembers Lyrics

The North Remembers x4
King in the North!

King in the North!
The meaning of real justice
You b******s will pay for your crimes
No mercy for your murders, no mercy for your lies

Shame on your throne, now!
You don't deserve that right over the land
You have to die! DIE!
As they died, trusting your lies

As they died
A kingdom full of lies
As they died

You have to know, we have to show
No matter what you do, The North Remembers!
Prepare yourselves
The wolf is gonna kill...
Kill the lion
Fair revenge x2

Let's howl and take your sword
Defend your house
House of the wolf
Spread the word
Let's howl, spill the blood
All the enemies will fall
Spread the word x3

No more defeat, we'll win the war
Our men, the bravest ones, The North Remembers!
You will taste my steel
Strong as a rock is our will

Beyond the wall
Evil's growing faster than the wind
Then we realize
Those legends and fears are so real
So real!

Get ready to howl at war
Get ready to howl at...
War! War! War!
Get ready to howl at...
War! War! War!
Winter is coming!

Chorus x2