Empty Hands, Hollow Hymn Lyrics

Dead to a Dying World
Stripped bare, mind crumbling away
As flames fade, on to run, on to pain
Ground down, pulse waning away
As flames fade, on to run, all in vain
Whispers echo, fresh shards to break
These patterns fade, on to run, end of reign

Lungs of soot, bund and bound
Mist rising from tepid waters surrounds
A veil of depths, hidden below
A shape forming slow to grown
A vision fades, hands reach out
Devoid of form, cloud full of doubt

All that you're giving, all that you see
Drifting before you, ash in the stream
Can't tell what's real, can't tell what's right
Certanty gone, mind full of lies
Haunted, haunted, fragmented light
Broken and naked, teeth sinking b***
Battered and bruised, futile excuse
Bundly march on, call is too strong
Shock to the core, delirious and maimed
No choice is sane, collapsed under strain
No choice is sane, what's left to claim

Racked with fear and regret
Running blind, can't forget
Body shacking, soaked by sweat
Fingers numb, cold and dead

Broken whispers, fell voices
Endless fog, self betrayal
I'm chocking and crawling
Cult of ego, ghosts calling