The Seer's Embrace Lyrics

Dead to a Dying World
Ashes laid to dust
Seventh seal opened
A mind of wisdom
The hour was known
Final rites spoken
Wake upon death
The day of passing
An alluring end

The seer of grief has spoken
Seeking hands flooded with void
Grasping at fragile mist
The ruins to hold and thrive
Whisper of what remains
Dwell amongst the silence
Amongst the ashen dreams
A wilderness of dry stones
For the last year's words
Are now shriveled voices

Fate the new language
Visions of past escape
Wearied existence
Shadows rise as greetings

Scorched, savaged faces
Breathe barren in fate
Stone bunded eyes
Gaze on rising wasteland
For these roots that hold
Feeble hands embrace
Drowned in burnished haze
Clutch and sink to a depart

Savagely still, waiting
Clothed in echoes gone
Rose stained regrets
Violet hours steadfast
Days are passing
Alluring ends

Retreat from where such came
Kneel to a dark sun
Bow to a moon of blood
Diadem, fallen knees