Don't Speak for Me Lyrics

Death of a Nation
Cut at the throat with a dull knife and sever the head with time.

While apocalyptic engineers and tyrants rule the globe, a brand name cuts everyone in line. Aligning colossal fossil fuel minds and the death of our future right before our eyes.

Trump cards and rich men don't speak for me.

You're a cancer spreading, a blanket covered in disease for your so called enemies.

Please, don't speak for me.

A new dawn is upon us, delegates in bed with racist pigs.

A future distorted, a past erased, the confusion and sway...

In some way we are all victims of a f***** up nation state.

Their houses, a regressive nightmare.

An outdated whitewashed parade of s***.

Don't speak for me.

You've made the bed you lie in.

An empire for you to die in.

JSOC, Blackwater, Cointelpro, new watergates, slave wage, or the trump show.

Narcissistic foreign communication hissy fit demonstrations, expanding wars and drone strikes or mercenary covert operations.

Your iterations don't speak for me.

Your blood stained policies don't speak for me.