Blissfully Exsanguinated Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
Delightful dripping from above as I wallow in their warmth
m***led sounds of anguish a sweet lullaby to me
Exsanguination- their youth now flows within me

A land of dismay
Daughters sold into servitude
Hundreds of desperate souls
Slaughtered with impunity

Lunatic in nobility
Intense fascination with the blood
(As) tragedy provokes fury
Cruelty becomes mass murder

Morbid odor- as they enter her lair
Dozens of corpses- stuffed in every vacant s***e
Mastication- missing large pieces of shoulders and neck
Disciplined, tormented, cannibalized, beaten to death

Their inquiries have unveiled the appaling truth
Brought about a judgement equally twisted
Accomplices, scapegoats who now take her blame
Fingers ripped out then immolated alive

While confined
In stone
Her existence will end
Left alone with a compulsion to torture