Carnal Deliverance Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
In bitterness and repugnance
I've passed the point of no return.....

Reborn in infamy
Feeding my new found l***
Vigor increases with
Each stab I execute

No signs of sympathy,
Compassion for their screams
As I sever their heads
Joy returns to my life....

Drilling holes into skulls of the living
Corrosive substance injected cerebrally
Priviledged to witness unkown mysteries
Victims awake in a state zombified

Inhaling the odours of composted flesh
Halfway dissolved in acid, hands and genitals mummified

Experimenting with forms of persecution
Identifying the source of my excitement
Frustration and discontent, a stony path

Suddenly - the answer's clear
My deeds - shall now be seen
Spewing - back at them publicly
The mental torture they have induced to me

My vision of bliss becoming reality
As I walk through the crowd
One fierce impulse takes control
Chopping into this terrified mass of flesh

(How many will i be able to take with me?)

Fetus punctured
Trough the womb
Sputtering stumps painting the streets

Vigor stays
As I butcher
Dozens more

Suddenly blackness surrounds
My demise I have calculated, expected, desired