Coerced Into Idolatry Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
Urethra corded up
(While) wine is infused in large quantities
Stomach ripped open
The look of fear as they extract your innards

An infraction seals your fate
Bitter end
Mocked and spit at as you die
Servants exposed to supreme lunacy
Arbitrarily disciplined for his amusement
Noble temper underlaying (variations)
determining who lives and who dies

Coerced into idolatry
Acts of a god so grotesque, so unreal
Mental instability
forming delusions of divinity

Rivals, killed by a series of small cuts
Relatives, are made to watch the execution

Palace of self indulgence
s**ual marionettes (arranged for) imperial entertainment
Existing to display a bizarre carnality

Body buried into the sand
As your head gets littered with rot
Final thing to witness
A giant blade slowly approaching your face

People cheering as joining in
Infatuated with humiliation
Unfiltered malevolence
Part of a mindset brutalized

I take what is mine
As I sodomize their wives before their eyes

I am a god
My will to choose who will live and who will die