Consumed by Repugnance Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
Dismal life of torment
ripping at my body
horribly emaciated

constant spiraling downwards
resulting in collapse
never to recover from

severe disappointment is omnipotent
as i behold this race so feeble

severing the ties that bind me to my wretched species
respect for human life now vanished

spewing back at them, what they have induced to me
my vision of bliss, sounds of skulls cracking underneath my feet
enemies, they are all around me
enemies, my need to liquify

insanity a term so unbefitting
i think more clear than ever
creatures embracing in their paleness
is it me, not of the same

finding myself useless
in a world i despise
attracted to the other side

as i'm ending my
pitiful existence
i will take everybody with me