Lurid Assimilation Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
Moments of unspeakable suffering affecting my sanity
Yielding to my destiny, deeply immersed in the slaughter
Surrounded by the stench, severed limbs and intestines
Decorate my existence

Dehumanized by the frenzy
Unleashing hidden instincts
A discovery in the Ruins (paralyzing me)
Enchanted by the sight of horror

Rotted- and hideously impaled
Infant- frenzy of war creating a
Symbol- of definite triumph and averse
Degradation- Human trophy (removed from its tormented posture, hidden from comrades and lovingly preserved)

(Approaching my home, the color of innocence embellishes my appearance; welcome as the archetype of a model citizen)

Proudly offering the present of presents
Wonder turns into shock
Facial expressions suddenly alter

As the gift is unveiled
Your family screaming, wailing
No escaping terror
Punishment for their ingratitude will be fatal....