Salacious Affinity Lyrics

Defeated Sanity
(Music: Gruber/Kuehn Lyrics: Gruber/Magana)

Beloved children missing
Swallowed in obscurity
Careless separation lasts
For eternity

Months of uncertainty
Until the truth is found
Rotting remains of your
Flesh and blood

Submerged in despair....your lifes....lifes are shattered

While their traces are ending cold
I`ll find more victims to please my urges
Violent blows to its fragile skull
Ripping teeth out viciously

Screaming morphs into gurgling
As throat fills with blood
Demonic state of amusement
Morality drowned in ecstasy

Carrying a deep neurosis
Incubation in degradation
Masculinity choked and suppressed
Decades of ordeal

A subject to mockery and sympathy
My need to compensate (demanding)
An act of self preservation

Premature defloration
As they suffer this pain so unknown to them
I rejoice in their horror
This time I'm in control

Violently..... stretching......immature..... s**ual organs

I will leave them ravaged and deformed
Wailing and twitching in shock
Their bodies I have consumed
(None can see you....alive)

In terror and shame I dispose of what could betray me

Obedience in death
Elimination of possibility
Delicate bodies sliced and torn
(Pieces) dumped into the woods.....