Half of You Lyrics

They say that your heart
Is the size of your fist
I can tell you first hand
I know how that glove fits
It takes your whole life just
To teach it two tricks:
It beats and it attacks
And in between is all of love
And loss, attraction
You live your life between contractions
And you and I we do just that

What if I could cure me of you?
Am I so sure which pill I'd choose?
Maybe I'm happier with half of you
Than I'd be with clean
But empty rooms
In the mess it's made of us
There's still so much to lose

The key I swallowed
The lock you picked
All these spinning bottles
And I'm still the mark you missed
We should be a settled argument
But I can't do that
I can't remove the screws
Of my own youth
Can't just pull out all the
Fuses and start new
Can't erase and can't undo
My past with you
And I know it's
It's not the sort of thing you're
Supposed to show if
You can you're supposed
To try to let it go, you
Just shoulder what you can
And soldier through


I get this feeling
When I'm far away from home
That I don't know
The girl I'd be if we'd
Left well enough alone
But what is well enough?
What is well enough alone?