Shrimp Lyrics

I'm high strung, universal donor
That's Type A, Type O
To wake up, calm down, or shape up:
Chai tea
Tai chi
Tae bo
No easy money
I'm tryna get rich slow
Standing on the acorn I planted
I trust that oak trees grow
ENFP Myers Briggs
6'2" in my highest kicks
Hero to the neighbor's kid
Dolled up I'm the baddest person
Still like backpacks over purses
Hate that Qs are 2s in cursive
Talk real fast when I get nervous
Rap real fast, but that's on purpose
I've single-handed some duets
I've been as bad as good girls get
But I don't regret too much just yet
I mostly gave more than I got
Tried not to watch the ticking clock
Like, always a bridesmaid