The New Isn't So You Anymore Lyrics

I'm back on my corrections
Searching for a news in a newspaper
I've been riding for an hour
I just wish they were more creative
It's a self-imposed position

There's been drinking in the Safeway
Be it so un-presidential
I've got many reasons
To shut down the plant for a while
Michael Jackson just informed me
That Santa Claus is coming to town
I've tried hard to be good
But the days are just that many

Let's start again like stupid children
Sir, I'm afraid that's not possible
Just in case you need reminding
The new isn't so you anymore

I am lifted to experience
You are carried by our conversation
If we get out of our convictions
There's still time to make the movie

From the back I see the rooftops
Of the people I grew up with
It's just an observation
Against the breeze

I'm not living in slow motion
I am breathing actual air
Sorry dude, that just kind of slipped out
The new isn't so you anymore