The Power Lyrics

I've been thinkin' all night,
I've seen the world
More things than you know that could ever be
My girl, you're best that I've ever seen

So I've been thinkin' alright, this is it
This is what we got, what it's gonna be
My girl, I'll say a prophecy

I could dream in a sea from the garden of Eden, yeah
Coiled snake on my way but I won't believe it, yeah

I gave you forever
My secrets, my soul, undone
I gave you the great unknown
I'll always remember
The moment you let me go
And when I'm alone I'll know
I gave you the power

Oh-oh, oh-oh
Baby then you'll know
Oh-oh, oh-oh

I've been in my hindsight, it was rough
So cruel just to be that tough
The world turns, I guess you better learn
Like a knife at a gun fight, still argue
But still the same old thrill
My girl,...