Shadows of a meaningless reality Lyrics

Make a Change... Kill Yourself
Reality never had less meaning
I live in a blur of distorted images
Fractured images of an unknown world
I am a shadow that walks among you
People pass me by unnoticed
The eye see what it wants to see
Insanity in the past, present, and future
I hunger for realization, yet nothing dawns upon me
Nothing is and yet everything is
I hold life in my hands, yet it is a tormented burden
What comes next? Who am I? What is reality?
Do I dictate what happens next?
People look at me as if I need to be saved. As if I am lost
Lost because I do not do what is considered normal
I don't need saving. Who needs saving?
Mankind's true ways have been forgotten
I found my way long ago
I walk in the shadows of a meaningless reality
I distance myself from your behavior
I need no people around me. I find joy in solitude
I withdraw myself from this society