Evolve Lyrics

Mo Jamil
Eyes on my time, for dreaming seeing city lights
Now my love, she's catching familiar eyes
I weren't complaining, I would call her mine
My selfish ways pushing you over line

Leave all your ego, self-pity at the door
Asking the shame, the pain in your before
once in control always be true

Would it really be you?

And I got time to evolve
Still got time to grow
So, please don't let me go
Hold onto me now, hold onto me
I walked through to the door
Fear won't fail me no more
I'm feeling reborn
Hold onto me now, hold onto me

Am I thinking too deep, or over-sensitive?
When I'm trying to please, concludes it tentative
Well stop saying my negatives and bring me positives
But that don't mean I don't feel safe right here

It feels...