Withering Heart Lyrics

Orion's Reign
On this dark winter's night
I see the lonely glance of a star
Lonely star
It spoke to me and said
Why are you wandering all alone in this dark road tonight?

I raised my voice and said
My quest to find my way has been long
Far too long
I was abandoned here
Forsaken on my own as soon the sun has gone away

Pain and sorrow take their toll
Love is stronger, it conquers all
Fly away on calm healing winds
Dawns the day to wake up this withering heart

The chanting sound of wind
Was singing songs of mourning and loss
Cold loss
The star spoke again
You hold the power to make all your dreams come true within

The howling wind went silent
To hear me say the words: I believe
Please show me
And then across the sky
A thousand stars appeared and like a single voice they sang