Left Behind Lyrics

Orphaned Land
Like a memory
Of the time before
Like words lost throughout all time
Like rain drops
On barren lands
They are destined to dry and fade away
Now the compass calls
Navigate our way
To the land beyond the North Star
Born to nothingness
Died for none at all
From nothing born and to nothing...
Left behind forsaken and lost they are the ones out of mind
Left behind fragments of memories they are the ones that are blind
They are left behind
Do not forsake us within the shadows we wait
For salvation pray
Lives in disarray
Leaves fallen from the tree of life
Truth they will delete
With merciless deceit
Our voice is taken away
Left behind the chains on our hands
Still we cannot unbind
Left behind the key to our freedom
Within us we must find
Left behind like an orphan abandoned and lost throughout all time
Left behind they are the victims, unpunished is the crime
They are left behind