The Manifest - Epilogue Lyrics

Orphaned Land
לא עליך המלאכה לגמור, ולא אתה הבן חורין ליבטל ממנה.
[English translation:
"You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither you are free to desist from it."]

Sometimes it seems to me that this world is nothing but a beta version of this amazing thing, and while our maker has gone to his next improved version, we are left behind in this Flying Dutchman.

Those blessed, cursed humans
You may call them authors, true leaders, kings with no crown or simple human beings, they lived and died here they are always among us - those unsung prophets and dead messiahs.

Canto que ha sido valiente
Siempre será canción nueva
[- Victor Jara]
[English translation:
"Songs of bravery, will always be new songs, forever."]