Never Gonna Die Lyrics

Father teach me, tell me, who are all my enemies
Are they my neighbors who believe a different scroll
Are they around the world shouting out a hypocrisy
It doesn't seem right
Seeming like a genocide
Teach me all your ancient wisdom and your biases
These kind of grudges that been handed down the line
I've got my chin up, just repeat the racist s*** you say

It doesn't seem right
We're running on suicide
We prolong the fight
We're drowning and it's never gonna die
Don't forget it
We rewrite the truth
The truth is we're worshiping a lie
That's pathetic
The monster devours our youth
And the dreams we make
Get washed away
We're paying with our lives
The truth is that it's never gonna die

Another kid today born into a fallacy
But when we teach them about the wretched past
We'll make another troll spelling out the blasphemy
It doesn't seem right
Seeming like infanticide
Another century of self-fulfilling prophecy
Who in their right mind would believe that it could last
An ancient battle cry that feels just like a dynasty