Mixed Lunatic Results Lyrics

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
"We burn black candles and project vicious things"

Burn your altars, build your coffins

Atheism strictness tossed askew
Forfeit to hatred's throne
Projections like e**********s stick
Fertilize and flourish
Gifted in darkness absent idols
Anti-Theist weaponry
(The) Unexpected hexes of inception
Invert the curse of fame

If there are doubts
(Just) glance at the wreckage in its wake

Never see the same again
The sliver caught behind the pitched eyes
Has risen three times from death

And has seen the truth of ambulances
Overrated yet informative
Insensitive to consequences whence immersed
Until it strikes the shell and organs
And infuriates (the) riddled violence further
Like a drug addiction but worse
(A) vicious cycle rumbling under flesh
Bleeding out in rivulets in name

To fill in the gaps, to fill in the lapse
Of the wreckage, in the past

Never think the same again
The whole of what's behind the eyes has risen
You get the shovel (and) I'll dig the hole
And rise
Sub-extolled, historic, hated, (and) feared
The price is steep

Atheism strictness tossed aside
Forfeit to billowing smoke
Face-in-mirror lunacy examination
Dwelling on the signals
Projections like e**********s stick
c** in shadowed shadow
Keep this ugly story to yourself
Production of art's best
And worst results

The accurate bring the worst results