Old Nothing Lyrics

Rivers of Nihil
Forgo the falls which rain with fear, farce are their depths
Illusions are woven beings, the masquerading of death

Where eternity folds itself to wind the projection reel
A casket lowered renders the truth, an existence unveiled.

Rejoice, commend, re-live
The beginning of ends
Rejoice, transcend, re-live
The beginning of ends

Spiraling beyond this seamless seal
Lies a destined view of tranquility within flesh-less fields

Commence thy spirit

Behold this integral fate,
Spawn of radiant rapture and shape.
As I fold & drift in this void.
I leave this world of fire, texture and taste.

In the absence of light
That was coiled and bound
I reflect upon the balance
That once shone.

Hush, don't speak, no more.
The feeling is gone.

Oh, fleeting feeling of bond
You've been loyal in my loneliness
You aid my growth, build me to be strong.

Rejoice, commend, re-live,
Oh, the nothing, old friend.
Rejoice, transcend, re-live,
Oh, the nothing, old friend.

Commence thy spirit