Contretemps Lyrics

Rolo Tomassi
A hidden depth to burden endlessly
Golden memories and sainthood
And the following fall through
For a certain certainty
Of what the end of this will be

There's a weight that rests here
And underneath innocence
Rising up, raised to confront
Imperfections shining through
Where I wanted to hold you

It's defective, let us leave it
In perished walls and ceilings
Torn and crushed

So cold but pure
So long
Granted, I'm plagued
Left untreated and empty

Demanding breath and being
Carved always and binding
These ordered occasions, a flowing entity
Is drifting back to me

Locked in a farewell with what I've caused
With what I forced
These similarities, ever-present in their might

Weathered with dismay, the irreversible and eternal
Overthrown, those sins do not pardon your own

Woven into veins
No binding can fray
It's pressed into these bones
No bonds here will break
Links along a chain
It's pressed into these bones