1985 Pt. 2 (Black Flowers) Lyrics

It is a dangerous undertaking, you will be risking your life
It is a dangerous undertaking, his only hope is to find the place where real knowledge is being kept alive
It is a dangerous undertaking, you will be risking your life, but at the right moment, there will be a guide
Wolves start howling...
Wolves start howling...
The Shahmen

[Verse: Bless]
Look what has risen out the bad patch
Shell cracked be the last of the batch to hatch
I'm here to blaze with my last bag and last match
And feel the fade, then I have to get my bags packed
I'm out for days on my way and a thousand pass
There is no way to count up years with an hourglass
So I don't ever watch the clock while the hours pass
I'm busy chiseling this rock, flipping knots of cash
2 pounds of grass and a couple different blocks of hash
A home studio, a couch and a spot to crash
And I be digging in the mountain where the fountain's at
You think you found it, but I'm bound to bring the power back
I did my studies and I never pulled the coward act
I'm feeling lovely but some loves didn't ever last
Still not for nothing, a couple drugs left a sour flash
You seen my mug? It would probably turn the flowers black
But every step they would reach from the ground to catch
My heels and my ankles as I wrangle past
Doing the tango with destiny's s**y a**
Feeling the strangle of the danger right upon my back
But I maintain though with the fate right upon my grasp
It's BLS right there on that