Honor Amongst Thieves Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Do you believe, in honor amongst thieves,
And celebrating making it out here in one piece,
Or better yet taking it out on who couldn't leave,
And everything relating to how you want it to be,
Do you believe, in knowing whatever you might have seen,
Was all just a part of what we was t**led to be,
It was all in the song when we was finding the key,
But singing along wouldn't show what entitlement means,
Do you believe, In you being told how to be you,
Where everything you are is supposedly not in cue,
From mimicking to you being told how to improve,
And how you benefit depends on you following suit,
Do you believe, That you can be taught how
to be who you already was before you was bogged down,
Like "this is what best represents y'all, nevermind the fact that I've yet to step in your yard or ever been that involved",
Do you believe, In loading a .44 and blowing the corridor
For all that you want for, but learning the court of law
Could never be cornered off, unless you were one of them,
Would you just call it off,
Or do you believe, That you can be given it off of privilege,
And you can pass that to whoever you coming in with,
And that'll lock arms like deciding that you get it
But the timing of it proves that you didn't,
I mean do you believe

Do you believe, do you believe in it all,
Being amongst honor if thieves get involved,
Or being amongst honor if believing what you want
Becomes more than you ever would've thought,
I mean do you believe

[Verse 2]
There was a story of a kid who had his father everyday,
And his father had the grip but he also had a name,
Off of more than just the grip, it was off of how he changed,
And it was all because his kid wasn't supposed to be the same,
But the story of his friends was from off a different page,
So his father was the difference under all that he became,
But he still was with whatever, they could call him any day
And they would get to it together, every part of him remained,
Then the kid had a moment where it all rearranged
When some kids unloaded on his partner for a name,
And the kid saw it all from the draw to the aim
And he felt like he was woke enough to want all of the blame,
And an idea came to get the grip like his pops,
And have a conversation and end it with a shot
And it all made sense til he was picturing his pops
And as much as he regretted it, he felt he'd better not,
And, then there was a kid watching all of the above
With his pops in a theatre and it caught him like a drug,
He was hooked on the idea of wondering if son
Should've stayed to the end and started talking with his gun,
Cause he felt if it was him then, all of the above
Would've took a different spin that would've started with a slug
That would've spun someone around til he was coughing up blood
And, tucked him underground and it'd be all from outta love,
But, love made his pops breakdown what it was like
To have to keep a trey pound and spray it out on sight
And how it ain't no turning back when you surrounded by them lights,
Cause he had a ton of moments where the pound saved his life,
And he listened and it wasn't hard to get what he was proving,
But he still caught visions of him picking up and shooting,
Cause he knew if it was him that his friends would jump into it,
Since they ain't have fathers that could give them an influence,
And the more he realized the balance of both sides,
When his pops said "protect yours, let no one overstep yours,
But know that when you step on, ain't no stepping away,
It sticks with you forever like how I'm here everyday",
But he still taught me how to load up, just in case,
And due to my composure alotta moments were saved,
Now knowing everything you just heard and what it made,
Let me know what you would prefer further explained,
Do you believe?