Love Is Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Love me like fighting thru yellow tape,
'til you find that the face ain't mine and it set you straight,
But you find that the face was in line with your other name,
So you repast, front of the line to get a plate,
Or love me like a purchase on 47th and 6th,
And the Russian jeweler knock off $100 off what you pick,
In the middle of February your sleeves up off your wrist,
And you add another $100 when discussing what you spent,
And the discussion hit a switch
And it turns to where you tucking your wrist,
Or you get to untucking your suspense,
And all the suspense of it leads to adrenaline running
And it's orchestrated all from the other side of the fence,
And then love me like that side of the fence love bottom lines,
While their kids call their friends kids and they holla "slime",
And they don't get the gist but they get what it can provide,
And they still don't know how to p***ounce "collards" but it's fine,
Love me for not a**uming that you see me and a**ume
I'm pursuing how you see me tryna lead you out your gloom,
Or maybe you a**ume that you see me in the scenery you knew,
And I ain't never did a scene but it's cool, right?,
Love me for overlooking what I ain't have to,
Chose you when you didn't choose you when you had to,
Pretend it never happened if mine should ever ask you,
Wouldn't take much to revert to what your past knew
Love me like Harlem loves Pan Pan's memory,
Standing on display off of hand to hand symmetry,
Cameras get in play while you handle what the ticket be,
And candles on the way if you ain't handing out dinner seats,
So love me like I introduced you Dominicans,
Whether it was Ayisha Diaz or her kin and them,
Talking bout a price and what it's worth to be the middleman,
Fitted for a crown and how it works and the expense of it,
Love me like the drummer, love me like never running outta runners,
Love me like what we sung before they hung us,
Hymn's getting lost in the clouds when they was flung up,
Or shells getting caught in the crowd by the wrong "others",
Like, other than you, and other than him,
Until they learn those exceptions turn to others with them, right?,
Or, otherwise shooting for the other side,
'til they box you without a trial on a 1-5,
And then love me like you was Venida Browder,
Pickets outside and you just tryna ease the crowd up,
Knowing your heart died makes your heart beat louder,
Until the speakers blow and it lift you up from around us
Love me like we-loved the legacy that her youngest would become,
And the illusion of no reruns,
Love me like turning down a plea when you need one,
But knowing that your word is worth more than what a plea does,
Love me like getting p**** off a DM,
The turn around time at her door before the week ends,
Caution she ain't throw out before, but now she in,
And her heart beat sitting at the door that let you leap in
Love me like pictures on the wall not resembling
You so them pictures on the wall start trembling
And you got pictures for the wall that can fit on it
But dude start thinking bout his wall and that's the end of it,
Love me like '88 3s, Nike Air heels,
Dropping $220 will take away how fear feels
I'm $700 first day, word to the steering wheel,
Kites for who bleeding but this a hype we believe in
Love me like not understanding the hype of it,
But you love it so there ain't no one else who might love it,
Or loving it since you understand cause you was there,
When it was misunderstood at $100 a pair, yeah,
Love me like the moment that the jakes leave,
Knowing that's another 24 with no the state greens,
My man said his aim dirty but his name clean,
Tried to tell his mother the difference before the day leave,
Told her love him for every chain that he wore,
Every serial number scratched, every tre in the drawer,
Every feeling she ever had where she awakes to a call
That he's gone, it never happened so don't blame the allure
Love me like Jada love Sheek love Styles
Love LOX lovers all geeking thru the crowd,
Love me like me at 14 geeking out,
Or 20 years later still screaming who it's bout,
Love me like a J dub's dedication,
Following their lead 'cause they seem to have better patience,
You fear what you don't understand or levitate with,
I say that with a pint in my hand, that's regulation
Love me like my son on the way when I see his charm,
And by the time you hear this he'll be in my arms,
Same arms forever here where he belongs,
Is the same arms that Ima bare if you mean him harm
Love me like all of the above in a bag,
Singing "f*** 'em all!" when you in love with a stash,
Or singing "f*** 'em all!" when you in love with a flag
That takes what you want, or loves what you had, love is love