Bellyache Lyrics

Spanish Love Songs
I woke up far from home with a pattern on my face
Another night on the couch
TV on, I'm faced away
Another night in the AC
Trying to find some room to breathe in the arms of a stranger
But it is what it is and all this s*** is worthless
Take the five to my name and I'll buy something frivolous
Like the love I need
Not some pills, a reunion show
Or a face to swipe off my screen

Well, I woke up a year older in a city in the south
Wander room to room like a ghost that can't get out
But I need to get outside
End the war inside my mind like a march to the ocean
If I stand in the land where my forefathers stood
Shooting guns at their brothers
'Cause some p**** said they should
Maybe I can feel at ease at my eternal lack of peace
That this joke isn't funny
I think someone wants to kill me

But I don't think I can fix this if I found god
And there's no drug in the world
That can possibly wash this off
Can't even go down to the river
And stick my f****** head in it
I'll watch the world spin
I'll lay around in it
I am a perfect fit

I've been dreaming in languages I don't understand
I've got spirits watching over me
They refuse my filthy hands
I've been coming to terms with our life
And how we're all gonna die the same -
Forgotten in a year by the ones we love on a Tuesday morning

I'll die just how I lived:
Stealing from some I found great;
Showing up a year too late
Now, the water is gone
Now the love is gone
Now, the future is gone
And I'll just lay here, but it's never gonna come