Where Were You When the Sky Opened Up Lyrics

The Dangerous Summer
Stay, I need to be myself.
I think I'll go to Austin;
Take every road I know, be alone.
I'd ask you for forgiveness
If I think I could deserve it.
I know I lost the one
And now I lost the way.

Filling that hole in my own chest,
Feeling that old and lonely way.
Feeling that hold onto my legs,
Onto my legs

Where were you when the sky opened up?
Is that when we died?
Is that when we learned to survive?
Watch me as I cut through my relationships
I hold onto love
Then I leave on my own again

Wait, I need to keep myself.
I think I heard a knocking Of everyone I know
still at home.
I'd ask them for forgiveness
If I think they could discern it
I know I lost the one, and now I lost the way

I let it wash over me,
I let in the world.
Even the opening, we'll see where it goes
I'll give you my honesty;
Don't leave here with hope,
Don't leave here alone.
Don't be like you were,
Don't be like you are now.